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Featured app: Start Cooking

Start Cooking

Minting your Memecoin on Osmosis with just 2 clicks. All it takes is 1 OSMO.

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Osmohall is the Pro Trading Terminal which offers high performance and access to the latest Osmosis gems.

MilkyWay image


Liquid staking protocol tailor-made for Celestia's modular ecosystem.

Membrane image


Mint the global medium of exchange in the form of an over-collateralized stablecoin: $CDT

StreamSwap image


A launchpad for initial token sales. The next generation of LBPs

Nolus Protocol image

Nolus Protocol

0% Interest on All DeFi Leases!

Pulsar Finance image

Pulsar Finance

Track your portfolio performance across 70+ blockchains in a single place, from Tokens to DeFi & NFTs.

Margined Protocol image

Margined Protocol

Go long on leveraged assets using power perpetuals without risk of liquidation!

Quasar Finance image

Quasar Finance

Quasar is the first decentralized asset management platform supercharged with IBC.

Stride image


Liquid staking for the Cosmos. Enables you to transfer, trade, and borrow against your tokens - without missing any staking rewards.

Levana Perps image

Levana Perps

Fully-collateralized, low cost perpetual swaps

Mars Red Bank image

Mars Red Bank

Lend and borrow money with the Osmosis Blockchain.

IBCX image


$IBCX is a Cosmos index token designed to benchmark the leading Cosmos tokens’ performance.

Calculated Finance image

Calculated Finance

Create DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) strategies. Experience the smartest way to enter and exit your crypto positions.

TFM Pro Trading image

TFM Pro Trading

The Pro-Trading Terminal of Cosmos. Proprietary IBC & DEX & NFT Aggregator! Transfer via IBC across all Cosmos app-chains.

Mars Farm image

Mars Farm

Farm the fields of Mars. Leveraged yield farming on top of Apollo auto compounding vaults!

Kado image


Instantly Buy & Sell Crypto. Onboard to Osmosis in less than 5 minutes.

Sinfonia image


Your Web3Music dApp powered by BitSong.

REStake image


Auto-compound your staking rewards and setup your own custom Authz grants for any chain in the Cosmos ecosystem.

ICNS image


InterChain Name Service. Your name for the interchain.

ION DAO image


Decentralized autonomous organization for community governance

Apollo Safe image

Apollo Safe

Apollo Safe is the easiest way to secure, manage and govern a wallet with multiple members

ReframeBot image


Telegram trading bot companion for Osmosis

WhiteWhale image


WhiteWhale DEX on Osmosis

DAO DAO image


Interchain DAO tooling for teams, protocols, and organizations of any size.

Isaac image


Trade any token in Cosmos using Telegram.

Astroport image


Decentralized, permissionless, multi-chain AMM DEX in Cosmos ecosystem.

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